Bloc Projects: The Everyday

20 November 2012

LEO, Shearing (2012), Video Still

The Everyday

23-24th November, Opening event Friday 23rd, 7-9pm

Sam Belinfante | Claire Blundell Jones | Elly Clarke | Michael Day | Hondartza Fraga | Sarah Louise Gustafson | Claire Harbottle | Flis Holland | LEO | Bob Levene | Victoria Lucas | Lucy Reynolds | Christian Sievers | Phil Slocombe

This exhibition of films extracts, traps and replays moments from the everyday. By manipulating, performing, staging, or simply bearing witness to an event, these selected artists present a collection of happenings that are transformed in to something memorable and profound. Seeking out an impulse to reevaluate our surroundings, our actions and our time, The Everyday contains humour alongside sadness, boredom against intense engagement, and motion in contrast to the fixed or static.

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