Unfolding Sequences, Canada

26 May 2011

Unfolding Sequences Flyer

Thursday, June 2, 2011 | 7 pm

Studio XX
4001, rue Berri (coin Duluth) espace 201
Montréal, Québec, H2L 4H2
Métro Sherbrooke
Information: 514.845.7934

Curated by black duck and RED NOMADEUnfolding Sequences is a selection of videoworks made by women artists based in Europe and South America exploring different ideas through the use of narrative elements and animation.

black duck undertakes curatorial projects to promote the work of contemporary artists working in performance, installation, digital media and video to an international audience. Projects include participation in festivals, international exchanges, exhibitions and events.
RED NOMADE is an international cooperation project interested in the exchange of contemporary artists and intellectuals. The collective aim is to generate artistic, cultural and academic events in different cities in order to facilitate the meeting of visual artists, art critics, curators, writers and intellectuals.
Artists: Victoria Lucas, Gillian McIver, Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Ju Underwood, Heidi Schaefer, Dolo Piqueras, Claudia Martinez, Teresa Tomás, Andrea Racciatti, Marina Stavrou and Cristina Ghetti.

This selection has been possible thanks to DIVERSITY ART FORUM, an organization that supports art projects nationally and internationally. It is the diversity of the medium rather than cultural background of artists or groups that Diversity Art Forum is interested in. Diversity Art Forum aims to encourage various debates in the projects it supports.

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