Lay of the Land (and other such myths) (2016/17) visualises the relationship between the deserts of California and gendered representation, as video, photography, sound, sculpture and performance are employed to reclaim geographical sites used as Hollywood film locations. In this installation, reductive replicas of boulders forefront psychedelic vistas reminiscent of film sets, and digitally reconfigured female bodies float across screens in a way that deconstructs and calls into question their culturally constructed identity. 


Gold Boulder Series (2015 - 2017). Polystyrene, fibreglass, resin, jesmonite, gold paint. Dimensions variable.

Scenery II (2015). Sculpture Series – Digital photograph mounted on to wooden screens. Dimensions Variable.

Imaginary Voice, Real Voice #1 / #2 (2016) (Installation View). Video series. Dimensions variable.

Body / Image #1 / #2 (2016) (Installation View). Video Series. Dimensions variable.

Psychedelic Western #1 – #14 (2015-17). Digital photographic series. Wall Based: Dimensions Variable.

Photography: Jules Lister